Airdrie Little League FAQ's

Question: What is required to play?

Answer: Tee ball is the only goup that does not need a bat.
Each player must supply their own regulation bat and propperly fitted helmet, Jock or Jill(personal protection) this is mandatory. Proper footware is required - cleats are recommended. White baseball pants are required for all Teams, National division and above. Each child will be required to have a baseball glove.
*Note Little League Baseball has adopted the new bat standard for mandated use effective January 1, 2018. All bats must display the USA BAseball Logo Plese click the link below for more infomation
New Bat Rules

Question: When will we find out about Schedules?

Answer: Every effort is being made to Coach's contact players by April 15th for the 2018 season, with games starting the first week of May. Schedules will be posted on the web site under division information. Schedules will also be sent by coaches when ready.

Question: What if I have a request ?

Answer: Put your request in the comments field on registration. Not all requests may be granted but Airdrie Little League will review the request and try to accommodate as much as they can.

Question: What if I want my child to play in a different age group?

Answer: Put it in the notes section when registering

Question: What if I cannot pay online?

Answer: Email the Airdrie Little League president

Question: How many days a week do they play and what times?

Answer: Most divisions can expect 2 games a week plus a practice. Warmup usally starts around 6pm with games at 6:30pm. Until scheduling is done days of the week will not be known and can vary from week to week

Question: What division is my child in by age for 2018?

Answer:>Click here to see age chart!

Question: How do evaluations work?

Answer: Emails will be sent out with date location and age group times. Each group will get a time, they will go through stations, and be evaluated on pitching, fielding, throwing and batting.

Question: What if our child cannot make evaluations?

Answer: The child may be placed on a team and evaluated at that time. If they need to move, they will be moved to appropriate skill level team.