SENIORS - 15 and 16 Year Olds

The Senior division is open to players age 15 to 16, including players age 14 who are also registered in the Junior division. 

The games for Junior and Senior divisions are played on a 90’ diamond and follow generally all of the rules of regular baseball, including calling balks and allowing lead-offs. Teams play an interlock schedule with the other Leagues in District 3 (Leagues north of the Bow River).

Player Fee's - Click Here

Players will register in the "Teenage Division" and will earn a spot on a team in either the Junior or Senior based on age, registration numbers, evaluation results and the division structure adopted by District 3 each year.

Players will be trying out for a team at this level and rosters will be comprised of 13 players or less in 2024. Players who do not make a team will be given a full refund less $25.00 of the registration fee. 

Preseason Indoor Practices (6 indoor sessions from March 15th - April 25th

Outdoor Season season is scheduled from April to the end of June.